Classic Eyelash Extension Kit

Kit Size
Mannequin Head
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Elevate your lash game effortlessly with the Lash Tavern Classic Eyelash Extension Kit. Perfect for novice lash students and seasoned professionals, this comprehensive kit includes all the essential tools needed to achieve perfect lash extensions. Add this must-have kit to your arsenal and enhance your professional expertise with ease. Choose from three different kit sizes that cater to any need.


Essentials Kit

Mannequin Head with Eyelashes

This life size mannequin head will help you to learn how to properly brace your hands as you work and effectively practice techniques before working on clients. ***This is an option add-on at checkout.***
Replacement Lashes for Lash Practice

Practice Lashes

With Mannequin Head add-on: 3 pairs of strip lashes attached to replacement eyelids.Without Mannequin Head add-on: 10 pairs of stand alone strip lashes.

Eyelash Extension Trays x2

We have included both our Premium Faux Mink Lashes as well as our specialty Ellipse lashes to practice with. All included lash trays are widely used on most clients, so you’ll be sure to get your use out of them. 2 Mixed Trays.

Pro-Classic Adhesive

This professional adhesive is the perfect speed for new lashers while still maintaining a great bond and retention time.


This extra prep product helps with clients who have poor retention due to excess oil production or to help aid in cosmetic removal.

Gel Remover

This gel remover is used to aid in full lash removals and to remove adhesive from jade stones, tweezers, or other products.

Tweezers x2

We’ve included classic tweezers with precision tips to help you isolate lashes cleanly and effectively.


For precise use during eyelash extension application in applying gel remover, primers, and other solutions.

Mascara Spoolies

Great for brushing through the lashes during service as well as gifting to clients for at home care and grooming.

Jade Stone

This adhesive palette will keep your adhesive at a cool temperature to maintain its freshness during application.

Premium Kit

All essential items in addition to:
Lash Nanomister


Our premium nanomister aids in curing your adhesive so clients can get their lashes wet immediately after their appointment. No more waiting for 24 hours to shower, work out, or swim.


Our Crystal Foam Cleanser gets those lashes and lash lines squeaky clean to help you achieve a superior bond.

Eyelash Extension Tray +1

We have included an additional Premium Mixed Lash tray.


Our LT Scissors are a must for cutting tape strips, cutting your lash strips to make custom palettes for your clients, and to reshape under eye pads for clients with difficult eye shapes.

Micropore Tape

This skin sensitive tape is perfect for taping down eye pads, attaching lash strips to your palettes, and taping and layering techniques for easy isolation.

Lint Free Eyepads

Our skin sensitive Lint Free Eye pads are perfect for securing those lower lashes as well as protecting the delicate under eye area.

Disposable Cleansing Brushes

These brushes are perfect for one time use so you can keep the most sanitary conditions for your clients.

Transpore Tape

This skin sensitive tape is perfect for taping down eye pads, attaching lash strips to your palettes, and taping and layering techniques for easy isolation.

Ultra Kit

All premium items in addition to:

Glue Rings

Premium Tweezers

+1 additional pair

Disposable Adhesive Film

Contoured Eye Pads

10 Contoured Eye Pads

Crystal Palette

Flocked Applicators