Eyelash Extension Primer

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Lash Tavern’s eyelash extension primer offers superior cleansing of the lashes before application. Using the LT primer allows for a stronger bond. Pleasant and subdued scent.

12 reviews for Eyelash Extension Primer

  1. esthiyessi

    I received this primer with my welcome package and glad I did. It has really helped with my retention. Thanks for another great product!

  2. sheila

    Another wonderful product I cant be without! This primer is a must have and adds so much more retention when you do a set of lashes! Not only do I use this for a primer before but when clients come for their fills I also use this to clean the lashes from any protein, makeup particles 🙂

  3. Angela

    Great product here. Really helps with instant adhesion when placing an extension on the natural lash. Great products here!

  4. Kelli

    Using the primer helps make sure the lashes are super clean before applying the extensions and really helps achieve the maximum retention! I now use it on all clients as part of my prep!

  5. cassie

    My go to primer to prep before each set. It gets the lashes squeaky clean and allows for such better retention. This primer lasts me a long time, since I usually only need 1-2 drops max per set.

  6. Chascidee Taitague

    I use this product with the Pro Adhesive! This helps with the retention also! MUST HAVE IN YOUR KIT

  7. teresamarrufo

    My clients and I love these pads. They do not “weep” and really hold the bottom lashes in place. They make lashing easy.

  8. teresamarrufo

    A must have product. Clients report better retention. Well worth the cost.

  9. tghuete

    LOVE this product! MUST have in your kit.

  10. miyamags

    Primer helps so much with retention, love it, can’t go without it now.

  11. Brittany Holmen

    Great primer! Must have! By far the best primer I’ve used.

  12. adrianna_1512

    I love this primer. I only need 1-2 drops so it lasts quite a while and it’s definitely made a difference in my clients retention

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