Eyelash Cleansing Bottle


Optimal for eyelash cleansing services with a precision nozzle.

Capacity: 250mL (aprox 8.4 oz)

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Our translucent cleansing bottle is optimal for eyelash cleansing services. Holding 250ml, it is large enough to avoid frequent refills but small enough for ease of use. These anti-gravity bottles just take a small squeeze in the upright position to deliver a steady stream of water to aid in rinsing lash shampoos or lash removers. The precision nozzle allows for accurate cleansing to promote client comfort and to avoid messes.

Capacity: 250 mL (approximately 8.4 oz)
Measurement: 7”H x 2.5” Diameter

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Weight 4.0 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in