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0.15 Satin Ellipse – Closeout


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Satin Ellipse Eclipse Eyelash Tray

Our Faux Mink lashes are a traditional lash (with a round base). Our .20 satin ellipse shaped extensions have a flattened base and taper to a .10. This makes that .20 look like a .25 without the added weight. Also, due to the shape, the contact area with the natural lash is greater which in turn helps increase retention.

Ellipse shaped extensions will hold a slightly stronger curl then our premium eyelash extensions.

Also referred to as flat or eclipse, ellipse shaped extensions extensions are the perfect solution for adding the look of a thicker and fuller set without the added weight.

  • Beautiful shine.
  • Deep black color.
  • Great flexibility and softness.
  • Unique shape allows for a more dramatic look.
  • The weight of a regular .20 lash but looks like a .25 and has more impact on the lash line.
  • Great for clients that want a thicker appearance but do not have the lashes to support higher diameters.
  • Come only in a .15 and .20.
  • Made of high quality PBT fiber.

Ellipse shaped premium faux mink extension trays are the perfect solution for clients looking for added volume but not the added weight. An additional benefit includes greater contact area with the original lash resulting in increased retention.

Also known as eclipse, flat and elliptical. * All lashes on this tray are individual lashes