LT Nanomister


Lash Tavern's Nano mister is is an amazing and essential tool for any eyelash extension application. Using a nano mister when lashing will cure eyelash extension adhesive in 30 seconds.

When not using a nano mister clients should be advised that the curing of adhesive takes up to 24 hours during which time the lashes should not come in contact with water. With our Elite Nano mister this precaution is NOT necessary as the adhesive will cure during the misting phase.

To properly nano-mist hold our Elite Nano mister 10-12 inches away from the lashes and evenly distribute the mist for 30 seconds. During this time the client should be welcomed to open their eyes to enjoy the cooling and soothing affect of the mist.

Use caution with the nano mister to not allow water particles to visibly wet the lashes.The purpose of the nano mister is to introduce hydrogen into the environment which is the curing agent for the adhesive. During this curing phase the adhesive will transition from a liquid to a solid. The mist from the nano mister will also act as a soothing agent during this adhesive transition which will aid in minimizing allergic reactions.

Be sure to check out our Lash Nebulizer for a better alternative that will not get any moisture on your adhesive. Nano misters emit water particles that are approximately 150 microns in size (compared to a lash nebulizer that emits vapor at 1-5 microns).

  • Completely USB chargeable and sleek design.
  • Compact and easy to use with a slide open on and off switch.
  • Easy for traveling and mobile services.
  • Perfect for curing the lashes and adding humidity to your work space.
  • Large water tank for less frequent fill ups.

60 day warranty from receipt. Unit will need to be sent back to be repaired or replaced.
Nanomister Use Instructions:

  • Charge 3-4 hours prior to initial use
  • Do not charge with water in tank
  • Empty the tank daily
  • If mist does not come out when you slide the mister open do not shake. Check that your water tank is full and seated properly. Close and open the slider again to operate. If mister still does not work check that your charge is sufficient.
  • Do not touch the spraying membrane
  • Hold unit approximately 10 inches from the lashes as to not get them wet. A light mist is optimal getting the adhesive wet can affect your retention. 30 seconds is sufficient for curing of the adhesive for both eyes inclusively.