Pro-Classic Adhesive


Recommended for any level lash artists perfect for those who need just a little more time prior to bonding. Grabs in 3-4 seconds. Latex/formaldehyde free.

Our Pro-Classic level eyelash extension adhesive with a grab time that allows for shimmying or adjusting the lash prior to bonding. The Lash Tavern Pro-Classic Series Adhesive has a rich and a deep black color. This adhesive is recommended for all level lash artists and great for lash artist that enjoy the luxury of a little added time prior to bonding (when compared to our Expert Series).

We recommend storing the adhesive in the freezer until it is opened. Our adhesive will be good for up to 12 months stored with this method. Be sure to let the adhesive warm to room temperature before opening. Once the adhesive is opened it should be stored in an air tight container with the supplied silica packet in a cool dry low light environment. Do NOT refrigerate once opened. After opening we recommend replacing every 2-3 months depending on your environment and frequency of use.

Prior to application we strongly recommend thoroughly cleansing the lashes with an eyelash extension safe cleanser followed by using an eyelash primer applied with a microbrush or similar applicator.

Before dispensing the adhesive be sure to shake the adhesive bottle for a full 30 seconds. This is important in getting the most out of your adhesive. Be sure to immediately close the bottle after dispensing. When closing the adhesive you will want to ÒburpÓ the bottle to remove any air recapping immediately.

During application ideal conditions for humidity are 45% and 55%. At room temperature and with the proper humidity our Pro-Classic Series Eyelash Extension Adhesive will average a 3-4 second grab (this may vary depending on many factors).

Post application we recommend the lashes not come in direct contact with water 24-48 hours unless you are using a nano mister or nebulizer.

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