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Welcome Eyelash Extension Kit

Offers 50% off for first time customers. Receive 50% off Eyelash Extension Adhesive, Eyelash Extension Mixed Tray, Eye Pads, Remover and Primer.

Please note: Limited to ONE per NEW CUSTOMER and cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

Adhesive Option:

Expert Series Adhesive

  • Our strongest glue with the fastest grab and longest lasting bond
  • Deep black color
  • Low viscosity for quick application
  • Recommended for seasoned lash artists or those that isolate before dipping
  • 10g

Top Shelf Adhesive

  • 2-3 Second Grab
  • Perfect for any level lash artist
  • Ideal viscosity for Volume Applications
  • 5g

Pro-Classic Series Adhesive

  • Moderate grab time (3-4 seconds) when compared to our Expert series
  • Deep black color
  • 10g

Mixed Tray Option:

Ellipse Mixed Mink Lashes:

  • Beautiful luster without being overly shiny
  • Deep black color
  • Great flexibility and softness
  • The weight of a regular .15 lash but looks like a .20 and has more impact on the lash line
  • Great for clients that want a thicker appearance but do not have the lashes to support higher diameters
  • Unique shape allows for a more dramatic look
  • Come in a .15 and .20
  • 12 rows with the most used lengths (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)
  • Easily removed strips with white background for easy visibility
  • Great for new lashers who want to try out different lashes before investing in a large amount of lashes they may or may not use

Premium Mixed Mink Lashes

  • .07 and .15 options
  • Beautiful luster without being overly shiny
  • Deep black color
  • Great flexibility and softness
  • 12 rows with the most used lengths (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)
  • Easily removed strips with white background for easy visibility
  • Great for new lashers who want to try out different lashes before investing in a large
  • amount of lashes they may or may not use

Lint Free Eye Pads – 5 Pack

  • Lint Free
  • Lighter gel for less expanding and irritation
  • Superior hold, these pads stay in place
  • Banana shape to match the contour of the eye
  • 1 pair per packet
  • Protective foil packet

100 LashTavern Reward Points

  • $5.00 worth of rewards for a future order
  • Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend
  • 100 points = $5.00

26 reviews for 50% OFF New Customer Package

  1. Jenna

    What a deal! I had been struggling with retention with my previous adhesive when I came across Lash Tavern and thought this was too good a deal to pass. I absolutely LOVE the adhesive, my clients are getting 1-2 weeks longer between fills. I upgraded to the ellipse lashes and was amazed at the added volume of the lashes. Better yet, when I placed my next order I got $5 because of the reward points.

  2. Cheryl

    This is what made me fall in love with Lash Tavern!

  3. Katrina

    Just received my Welcome Kit, can’t wait to try them out. Fast Shipping. More to follow.

  4. Denise

    I couldn’t believe how fast my order shipped and I received it so quickly, even with the July 4 postal holiday! Will definitely order again!

  5. Nikki

    Love it! Your adhesive is fantastic

  6. Sarah

    I just ordered from Lash Tavern, about 3 weeks ago. I’ve done 4 full sets. Everyone seems pleased with their lashes. I can’t wait to try the new volume line. I’ve been through approx 8 different adhesives in 6 or so years. So, I think I’ll continue with this brand. Excellent customer service. And great products. What more can an Aesthetician ask for. Love it. Thanks

  7. Karen

    I purchased the welcome package and was very impressed with everything! My clients love the lashes and I love the glue and eye pads. I’m purchasing more today! Thanks LT!

  8. Natalie

    Heard about Lash Tavern and ordered their welcome package. SO GLAD I DID! The flat lashes gave my clients a fuller look without having to add more lashes and am in love with the hydrogel pads, they fit so perfectly and snug to clients under eye contour and the slits in it actually help give me a visual guide of styling lashes by separating the lash line in 3 sections and they are less expensive then all the other brands I have been using over the years. Thank You Lash Tavern, definitely on my top brands to purchase from and they ship so quick! XOXO Natalie, The Lash Desire

  9. Sherra

    What a deal the welcome package was!!! I’d been searching for the best adhesive for me….and I believe I’ve found it!!! I’m so glad we were given the option to upgrade our Welcome Package to the faster drying addy and the ellipse lashes!! You’re on to something here Lash Tavern!! Keep up the good work. You have a consumer of your goods in me!!
    Lash Tamer

  10. Debbie

    I am very happy with my order! The prices and quality are the best I have experienced. The lashes are so soft! I upgraded to the ellipse and have found them very easy to apply. They lay perfect on the natural lash. I will be ordering more!

  11. Brittany

    I upgraded my adhesive and to the flat lashes. I’ve loved them both! Shipping was super fast as well.

  12. Rose

    Not sure how I heard about the welcome package, but it really changed my life! I have been so in love with the expert adhesive and the lashes are so soft! I have had amazing retention with the adhesive. Lash Tavern is an amazing company and I will continue to come back and use their products! I highly recommend getting this Welcome package. You will be hooked! Thanks Sara! You and Lash Tavern are amazing!!

  13. Sandy

    This is an AWESOME deal! If you get a chance to purchase this package it is so so great! Thank you Sara and Lash Tavern…. I will be back for more product!
    OH and the glue! It is amazing retention, loving it!

    And the lashes are so wonderful….

    Get your package! A great intro into Lash Tavern’s products….

  14. Kara

    The ellipse mink lashes are SOOOO worth the upgrade! Beautiful and soft, I even find that application is a little easier with these lashes! I’m a new lash tech and the profession series glue is perfect for me. Gives me the chance to perfectly position the lashes. I will be repurchasing both the lashes and the glue! Thank you Lash Tavern!

  15. Jessica

    Seriously, GREAT GREAT deal! Lash Tavern has amazing customer service, the price point is really good, and to top if off even my clients notice the quality. Will not be the last time I buy from y’all!!

  16. Heather

    It is a great deal, I wish every company offered a affordable trial! Love the Ellipse/Flat lashes! Great Pads as well.

  17. [email protected]

    First order with lash tavern, love this company and their products. Glad I tried it, this adhesive is awesome, so are the eye pads.

  18. Stephanie

    The best Deal , and amazing products . So glad I decided to get this , the retention is wonderful and the ellipse lashes were exactly what I needed. ☆☆♡♡♡♡

  19. Kerryanne

    This is definitely a great deal. Shipping to Canada was super quick. And a great way to try the products!

  20. Shiv

    This was such an awesome deal and the shipping was quick……Thank you!!!

  21. ashlie_ray917

    This is such an amazing deal! Was looking to try a new adhesive and this package allowed me to try out several different things from Lash tavern and I have to say, I will forever be buying from here for my eyelash extensions!

  22. michaelajenay

    Good Deal , So happy they allow you to try the products before investing a lot of money, I tried the adhesive and fell in love with it. The adhesive is so light weight and smooth , the lash falls right into place every time. I haven’t tried the lashes yet but I know I am going to love them.

  23. Esterelena12

    It was such a delight to receive this packaged deal. very ideal to someone who doesn’t have much to start off with. great products at a great price! this is what started me with lash tavern & i don’t regret it. a year later and I am constantly purchasing items from this company!

  24. Brittany Holmen

    I’m in the process of finding a line and sticking to it instead of cherry picking from different lines. Lash tavern has everything I’m needing. I ordered the welcome pack and the add ons for the welcome pack. I also ordered the jade stone in green as well as some practice lashes, to practice with this product before I try on a client, and disposable cleaning brushes, client info/ disclaimer cards and after care kits. Navigating this site was simple and comparing to other lines this site had everything that I needed and then some at a great price. They also have knowledge packets to keep you informed on their products as well as other things. I really hope this will be the last stop for me picking a line. Everything is at a resonable price. I hope everything is of great quality for this price when it arrives. I will definitely post again when it arrives and again after I’ve played around with it some.

  25. kasskeller.kk

    This new customer package deal is AMAZING!! I have suggested this to so many colleagues! I absolutely love Lash Tavern and all of my clients have the best retention with these lashes! Thank you so much!

  26. Liljesstx

    I absolutely love this!! It is a great way to introduce yourself to the company and try all of the necessities! All of the items I received are great quality and arrived so fast! Definitely a great idea!

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