Top Shelf Volume Adhesive

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5g bottle specifically formulated for volume applications and great for classic applications as well.

Latex/formaldehyde free.

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Top Shelf Details

Lash Tavern’s volume eyelash extension adhesive with 2-3 second grab and fantastic lasting bond. The Lash Tavern Top Shelf Volume Adhesive has a rich, deep black color and viscosity that will not wick up your lash, closing your fans. This adhesive is recommended for trained volume lashes looking for the ideal adhesive.

We recommend storing the adhesive in the freezer until it is opened. Our adhesive will be good for up to 12 months stored with this method. Be sure to let the adhesive warm to room temperature before opening. Once the adhesive is opened, it should be stored in an air tight container with the supplied silica packet in a cool, dry, low light environment. Do NOT refrigerate once opened. After opening, we recommend replacing every 2-3 months depending on your environment and frequency of use.

Prior to application we strongly recommend thoroughly cleansing the lashes with an eyelash extension safe cleanser, followed by using an eyelash primer applied with a microbrush or similar applicator.

Before dispensing the adhesive be sure to shake the adhesive bottle for a full 30 seconds. This is important in getting the most out of your adhesive. Be sure to immediately close the bottle after dispensing. When closing the adhesive you will want to “burp” the bottle to remove any air, recapping immediately.

During application, ideal conditions for humidity are 45% and 55%. At room temperature and with the proper humidity our Top Shelf Volume Eyelash Extension Adhesive will average a 2-3 second grab (this may vary depending on many factors).

Post application we recommend the lashes not come in direct contact with water 24-48 hours unless you are using a nano mister or nebulizer.

Be sure to check out our great eyelash extension adhesive palettes and stones to make your next set even more efficient.

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14 reviews for Top Shelf Volume Adhesive

  1. Angela

    First, Let me begin by saying how much I LOOOOOOVE this adhesive! It literally will not wick up the fan! AT ALL! I’ve been using this addy all week and I have not had one bad fan due to the adhesive. I use a super tiny amount and BAM! Wide, gorgeous fluff is what I got. I seriously will not go back to my other adhesive I was using now that I found this! A+

  2. Remie Ann

    Love this adhesive!! Definetely didn’t wick up my lashes. And dries quickly. Perfect when I’m doing my volume sets

  3. cassie

    This glue has truly been a lifesaver for my volume applications. It is the perfect glue I have been looking for. My retention has been great with it. This glue and the expert glue are my favs.

  4. e. taylor

    I really like this glue! Ive been testing it against other volume glues like mbl &l.affair and it works better. It has a great “grab” & i dont have to hold my fan in place more than a second or 2. It keeps my fans in place , no sliding around or flipping back off. What I will say is that it isn’t the best hold for classic lashes. They tend to “pop” back off with this glue. This is best suited for volume lashes. Please never get rid of this glue!

  5. e. taylor

    Also wanted to add that it does NOT close my fans! I love that! This glue doesnt travel up my fans & wick them close. If you know what I mean, because that’s truly time consuming lol.

  6. deelyaaa

    I really love it! Really strong and the best for volume.

  7. gverdiyan

    I love this adhesive, but after a couple of days lashing, the adhesive became thick and gooey even though I followed the storing instructions. Aside from that, the adhesive is great.

  8. Esther’s

    I love this adhesive. Lashing in the Seattle area. Humidity around 40% . Doesn’t wick up my fans and Great retention !

  9. adrianna_1512

    So far so good! I just received this adhesive about a week ago and I have used it for my classic clients. So far retention has been good and little to no fumes at all!

  10. Beautybytee

    I love this glue! I have been using it for over 6 months now. It is great for both volume and classic extensions. I love that you can purchase the glue and freeze it and not have to keep it refrigerated after opening.

  11. kasskeller.kk

    This adhesive is by far the best I have ever used! Love how fast the grab time is! It is amazing for those that are experienced lash artists! It has the best retention out of all the other adhesives I have tried!

  12. lacinda_marie

    I just started using this adhesive & so far I like it .

  13. Angelique K

    Love it!! I live in a hot humid climate and the retention is outstanding. It’s a bit thick but easy to manage. I use it for classic and Volume applications.

  14. Haley

    Amazing glue for volume or classics for such a great price! This stuff deserves way more attention. Doesn’t wick up fans or cause any irritation to clients!

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