Red Prism Eyelash Extensions

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Green | Sea-Green | Hot Pink | Red | Blue | Violet | Yellow | Orange | Brown

Prism lashes are Lash Tavern’s premium colored eyelash extensions perfect for adding that flare of color to any set!

1 Row each of 10 & 13mm
2 Rows each 11-12mm


Earn up to 11 LT Reward Points.


Lash Tavern prism colored lashes add a beautiful accent to any eyelash extension application. Quality premium faux mink.

6 Line Tray:

  • 1 line of 10mm
  • 2 lines of 11mm
  • 2 lines of 12mm
  • 1 line of 13mm

Made of Premium Faux Mink PBT Fiber

* All lashes on this tray are individual lashes

2 reviews for Red Prism Eyelash Extensions

  1. jmloveless22

    Finally put these beauties to use ! They aren’t too bright but royal and bold enough to show as high lights or glamorous for a show off look

  2. Beverly

    These are the brightest, and truest red lashes I’ve used!They fan like a dream and my clients love that little bit of pop in their sets!!

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