Lash Tavern Expert Series Adhesive

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Our strongest glue with the fastest grab and longest lasting bond. Latex/formaldehyde free.

Looking for a slower cure? Check out our Pro-Classic Series Eyelash Adhesive

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Expert Series Details

Lash Tavern’s strongest eyelash extension adhesive with the fastest grab and longest lasting bond. The Lash Tavern Expert Series Adhesive has a rich, deep black color and low viscosity for quick application. This adhesive is recommended for seasoned lash artists or those that isolate before dipping.

We recommend storing the adhesive in the freezer until it is opened. Our adhesive will be good for up to 12 months stored with this method. Be sure to let the adhesive warm to room temperature before opening. Once the adhesive is opened, it should be stored in an air tight container with the supplied silica packet in a cool, dry, low light environment. Do NOT refrigerate once opened. After opening, we recommend replacing every 2-3 months depending on your environment and frequency of use.

Prior to application we strongly recommend thoroughly cleansing the lashes with an eyelash extension safe cleanser, followed by using an eyelash primer applied with a microbrush or similar applicator.

Before dispensing the adhesive be sure to shake the adhesive bottle for a full 30 seconds. This is important in getting the most out of your adhesive. Be sure to immediately close the bottle after dispensing. When closing the adhesive you will want to “burp” the bottle to remove any air, recapping immediately.

During application, ideal conditions for humidity are 45% and 55%. At room temperature and with the proper humidity our Expert Series Eyelash Extension Adhesive will average a 1-2 second grab (this may vary depending on many factors).

Post application we recommend the lashes not come in direct contact with water 24-48 hours unless you are using a nano mister or nebulizer.

Be sure to check out our great eyelash extension adhesive palettes and stones to make your next set even more efficient.

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40 reviews for Lash Tavern Expert Series Adhesive

  1. Denita

    Fast Shipping and the lashes are awesome! The adhesive is costing me money because my clients’ lash retention has improved greatly so they don’t come as often! LOL Actually, a pretty good problem to have!

  2. Nikki

    After my welcome package I ordered both the Expert and Professional adhesives. Both have great retention. I just love the speed of the expert adhesive for doing my classic sets since it cures fast and let me lash at a great pace.

  3. Sarah

    Absolutely love the LT Expert series. Since switching to it I have cut down on my fills by 10 minutes and my clients have come in with much better retention

  4. Suzanna

    I love this adhesive! It dries quickly, which makes my application process shorter, and the extensions last longer. My clients have all been happy with it as well.

  5. Devlyn

    Loving the retention my clients are getting! Very low fumes and quick drying!

  6. Joanne

    This has been my ‘go to’ adhesive, since ordering the welcome package. I’m so impressed how easy it is to work with. And we all know the true test is clients’ retention…absolutely wonderful!

  7. Rose

    I LOVE expert adhesive. I tried it in a welcome package a few months ago and it has become the ONLY glue I want to use. It has a very low viscosity which makes it easy to apply and retention has been amazing!!! My clients have been able to go 4+ weeks before they need a fill. I nightly recommend this glue!!

  8. Kaitlen

    Best glue I have used! Lashes last a very long time.

  9. Angee

    A-MAY-zING!! I just love this addy. Great retention and I had my lash gal use it on me and she’s converted! Great product, awesome company. Very very happy.

  10. Jennifer

    I was in search of a new adhesive because my clients were starting to have bad retention. This one has done the trick! I have found that my clients are coming in with more lashes between fills and they are so much happier when they come to see me. Which, of course, makes me super happy too!

  11. esthiyessi

    Tried this adhesive with my welcome kit and absolutely LOVE it. Very low fumes. My clients no longer have the red eyes upon completion of their lash service. Retention is amazing!! I’ve tried a ton of other adhesives and this one is top notch!!

  12. candis

    Ok, I admit I’m writing this review a little prematurely because it is my first day using this adhesive, but I’m excited about it! I used it on three clients today who are sensitive to fumes and we have tried many adhesives to no avail. This expert adhesive is actually low fume and my clients all opened their eyes immediately after application with zero burning. It is also very easy to work with…perfect viscosity. I’m a happy lasher!

  13. Denise Tonkinson

    I love this adhesive! It makes my work so much easier, with faster application, longer retention and great results. I will definitely order it again.

  14. Sharrin

    I have tried every glue and have been paying double the price and this has the best retention and the glue has been consistently the same for almost a year now.

  15. sheila

    This is by far one of the best adhesive I have ever used as a professional Lash Artist. I stumbled upon lash tavern on instagram/facebook and decided to give the products a try and It was one of the best things I ever did for my lash career. I am a licensed managing Esthetician in a spa where I also use Lash taverns Mink Eyelash extensions and I would recommend the products to any new or current lash artist. This adhesive has the most amazing bonding time, I have used other adhesives but nothing compares to this one. Most of my clients come back between 4-6 weeks where other clients I have used other adhesives on would come back 3-4 weeks. Not only is the adhesive wonderful, but everything from the products to the shipping was amazing. Almost every time my products I ordered came in earlier then expected! Thank you so much for these amazing products, lash tavern! I look forward to continuing my business using Lash tavern products! Happy Lashing!! -Sheila Guzzetti

  16. Sherra

    I absolutely love this adhesive. Quick drying, thin and the retention is amazing .
    Lash on,

  17. Lilliana

    I loove this glue!! I’ve been using it si nce last fall in my own lash studio and have had the best retention with it! I’m so happy I discovered it! It’s my go to glue always, even suggested it to the studio I work in one day a week!

  18. Andrea

    I rarely write reviews but I just had to this time in case it helps other artists if they aren’t sure which adhesive to use. I tried this one out in the introduction kit thats offered. Absolutely fantastic retention!! I have found that the room doesn’t even have to have the humidity be between 45-55%…a few times i couldn’t get the humidity to raise from 35% and the adhesive still grabbed on and the lashes stayed for a long time. LOVE this adhesive and I think I will be permanently switching it as my main one if they don’t (hopefully not) ever change the formula. In other words TRY IT!

  19. Ashton Wilson

    I never, ever write product review but in the case of this adhesive I had to! This adhesive is by far the BEST adhesive I’ve used. Since becoming a lash tech I’ve tried several different adhesives and this adhesive does every thing that it claims! The grab is amazing, I’ve also found that the rooms humidity doesn’t have to be between 45-55% as well to perform! Retention is at a all time high! No irritation ! I will purchase over and over!

  20. Kelli

    Love this adhesive! Very fast dry time and excellent retention, and beautiful to work with! Highly recommend it! And also great price point compared to a lot of other high end brands 🙂

  21. Britt

    This glue is AMAZING I was using another high end glue before switching because I ran out and wanted a faster curing time. This is amazing, it really does cure in 2 sec and my clients come back with better retention then before I switched. Definitely my new favourite. I just ordered the primer so I can’t wait to see how it improves my sets even more!!

  22. paige

    Retention is fantastic and the viscosity makes application so easy. Quick grab! Pair this with the ellipse lashes and your clients will love you!

  23. Amber

    I am obsessed with this adhesive! My client retention is great! Amazing price point + fast shipping! LOVE

  24. cassie

    By far my FAVORITE adhesive. Such a quick grab and I have such great retention with this glue. It gave all my clients an extra week before fills (good for them, bad for me lol ) . I’m happy with this glue knowing my clients are happy with the extended retention 🙂

  25. Jen

    I want to like this adhesive because I love Lash Tavern – but no matter what I do, it doesn’t grab. I’ve monitored my humidity, cleansed lashes thoroughly and primed, I use a ring so I’m not working too far from the eye (for fast application) – nothing makes a difference. It’s the worst glue I’ve tried.

    • Lash Tavern

      I’m sorry to hear you are having problems with the adhesive Jen! That’s not a common complaint with this adhesive. Have you contact our support to help troubleshoot? Is this your first expert adhesive? There are so many factors that come into play, we would love to help you troubleshoot. Feel free to reach out to us.

  26. Ann Pham

    This adhesive is easy to use and my customers have had nothing but great compliments about the lasting power and the flexibility of this adhesive.

  27. Pamela Bowie

    AHH-MAZING adhesive! Extremely easy to work with the thin viscosity and it grabs instantly. My clients are so happy with their retention which makes me a happy lasher 🙂

  28. cverrette

    This is my favorite lash glue! None of my clients have every had an issue. I also don’t have my humidity at 45-55% and I never have a problem!

  29. Brianna

    Best glue that I’ve come across! I’ll be honest I rarely measure humidity level in my room and this glue works great! This allows for fast grabbing which makes me lashing at a faster rate! I’m so happy I purchased it and gave it a shot! This is a go-to adhesive for me!

  30. Kirstingrenz

    This glue has amazing retention and grabs fast.

  31. Ayrica

    Best glue!! I won’t use anything else. My clients can all tell a difference in the quality of this glue compared to the crap I used before. Thank you lash tavern!

  32. Regina

    Love this glue, awesome retention. Have not had a problem with a product yet! Not to mention fast shipping,

  33. mzhotniz86

    I wanted to LOVE this glue since I love everything else I’ve received BUT it didn’t work well for me 🙁 I had the humidity right with cleansed & primed lashes. The lashes kept coming off as I moved along the eye. Did I get a bad batch may be? Im so worried about my clients retention

    • Lash Tavern

      I’m so sorry to hear about your retention issues. Please feel free to contact us via the contact page or our online chat for assistance. There are a lot of factors which come into play when choosing what adhesive might be right for you and we are happy to help troubleshoot and make sure you have the right adhesive for your working conditions.

  34. Meridith

    I was so excited to get this adhesive in because of all the great reviews. Unfortunately I may have gotten a bad batch or the heat from shipment. I’m not sure. I have checked the humidity and follow all my normal steps but almost all of my clients have called or returned within the week for lash loss. It has cost me time and money. Had to go back to my other glue. I loved all the other products I ordered and fast shipping was great.

    • Lash Tavern

      Hi Meridith! I’m so sorry to hear about your retention issues. It looks like our support team is already in contact with you regarding troubleshooting. There are a lot of factors which come into play when choosing what adhesive might be right for you and we are happy to help troubleshoot and make sure you have the right adhesive for your working conditions.

  35. Anna Hubig

    absolutely love this glue! my friend gave me a bottle to try and now it’s the only one I will ever be using!

  36. daniellesethaler1

    Absolutely love this glue. Retention is great and clients love not having to come in as often ! Also allows me to lash a lot fast since the dry time is super fast

  37. slayshops

    I absolutely love this glue! it is my favorite to use. I like to lash pretty quickly & this glue allows me to do so. it also has the best retention of any glue I’ve ever used & I purchase pretty expensive adhesives because I want the best quality. so happy I took a chance & I tried this product!

  38. ebeth614

    I am in love with this adhesive! I’ve tried 3 or 4 other adhesives and this is my favorite so far! Quick grab time but still forgiving. So far, retention is better than any of the others I’ve tried. We’re about to hit summer and higher humidity so I am hoping it continues because I love this glue! You will not regret this purchase.

  39. adrianna_1512

    So far so good! It has low funes so my clients eyes have lot less irritation than other adhesives I’ve used!

  40. jmloveless22

    No complaints from my clients !!! Last longer retention is amazing

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