Chrissanthie Eye Lid Cleanser

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We recommend pairing with our Foam Cleanser Pump and Cleansing Brush
  • Cool, gentle concentrate for easy and pleasurable eye lid cleansing
  • Daily eye makeup remover and face wash
  • Effective relief for scratchy and dry eyes
  • Will not break down eyelash/brow extension adhesive
  • Affordable luxury – one tube lasts for up to 90 days
  • 30ml size

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Chrissanthie eye lid cleanser is the perfect solution for cleansing eyelash extensions. Cool, gentle concentrate for easy and pleasurable eye lid cleansing.


A revolutionary eyelid shampoo that is an all in one cleanser and perfect for using with eyelash/brow extensions.

Designed to clean eyelids and eyelash of all ocular secretions made in response to conditions such as Blepharitis. Common symptoms of Blepharitis include scratchy, red and dry eyes.

A popular and industry leading cleanser used in conjunction with eyelash extensions.

Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser contains Tea Tree and Citrus extracts.

  • Completely cleanses and sanitizes the eyelids
  • Removes all traces of eye make-up
  • Will not break down adhesives used in eyelash/brow extensions
  • Great for cleansing make-up artist brushes and tools
  • Ideal for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers, leaving eyes feeling cool and relieved without any oily residue.

Instructions for Chrissanthie Eye Lid Cleanser Use

Chrissanthie Eye Lid CleanserInstructions

For Eyelash Extensions

  1. Apply warm water to a microbrush or makeup brush
  2. Add a pea sized amount of Chrissanthie Eye Lid Cleanser to the brush
  3. Thoroughly and gently brush lashes from base to tip
  4. Rinse lids, lashes and eyebrows thoroughly with water.

For Eyes and Brows

  1. Soak a lint free cotton wool pad or gauze swab in hot water
  2. Add a drop of Chrissanthie Eye Lid Cleanser to the pad
  3. Hold over eyes or one minute, rub from inner to outer corner of eyelids (upper and lower lids) as though you are removing make-up.
  4. Thoroughly rub eyebrows with pad.
  5. Rinse lids, lashes and eyebrows with water.


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7 reviews for Chrissanthie Eye Lid Cleanser

  1. Michelle


  2. Angela

    This is a fantastic cleanser. And I’ve found this to be the best price to purchase at. Thanks Lash Tavern~

  3. Remie F

    Purchased this along with the foam cleanser pump. Been having clients come in with traces of makeup, and it removes it all!

  4. Eldica Taylor

    Works very well! I use it before every client

  5. Beverly

    My clients love this cleanser! They say its refreshing and their lashes feel better after they cleanse. Great stuff!

  6. Esterelena12

    clients love this cleanser and it is the cheapest i have found it! love !

  7. Brittany Holmen

    I purchased this with the foam pump bottle. Easy to mix and works great. No irritation for clients

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