Blue Prism Eyelash Extensions

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Green | Sea-Green | Hot Pink | Red | Blue | Violet | Yellow | Orange | Brown

Prism lashes are Lash Tavern’s premium colored eyelash extensions perfect for adding that flare of color to any set!

1 Row each of 10 & 13mm
2 Rows each 11-12mm


Earn up to 11 LT Reward Points.


Lash Tavern prism colored lashes add a beautiful accent to any eyelash extension application. Quality premium faux mink.

Our Blue Prism colored eyelash extensions include six lines of lashes:

  • 1 line of 10mm
  • 2 lines of 11mm
  • 2 lines of 12mm
  • 1 line of 13mm

Made of Premium Faux Mink PBT Fiber

* All lashes on this tray are individual lashes

5 reviews for Blue Prism Eyelash Extensions

  1. Beverly

    I was looking for lashes with enough pop for a rainbow set I wanted to try and these lashes worked beautifully!!!! They are bright and yet still subtle enough for everyday lash looks.

  2. Beautybytee

    Love the shade of blue. Lashes are great.

  3. Audrey

    These lashes are awesome and my client loves her lashes.

  4. jmloveless22

    Royal blue let’s add some glow. Clients love the darker shades with a little tent!

  5. SPL’S BY MJ


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