Synthetic or Real Mink Lashes

Our lashes are a mink lash (synthetic) and made of high quality PBT fiber. They are NOT Authentic Mink, Siberian Mink or 100% Mink Fur.

A large number of artists prefer synthetic mink greatly over authentic mink. Authentic mink will lose its curl easily, can cause allergies and blepharitis and is not cruelty free.

All of our lashes are manufactured the same nylon blend of PBT fiber. PBT is short for Polybutylene terephthalate and is a semi-crystalline synthetic engineered theromplastic. PBT is a high performance material known for it’s resistance to environmental changes, resistance to solvents and low shrinkage rate. It has a high heat resistance and the ability to be precisely machined.

Our mixed trays are a great cost effective way to tray our Lash Tavern Premium Eyelash Extensions and see their beautiful luster, deep black color and supreme flexibility and softness.