Adhesive nozzle & cap

If you are having problems with your adhesive cap and nozzle, it is a good time to review a few of the best practices for adhesive care and storage.

  1. Be sure to burp your adhesive prior to capping. This consists of squeezing the bottle from an upright position and then releasing the bottle, drawing any adhesive out of the nozzle.
  2. Make sure the nozzle is clean prior to capping. Make sure to remove any excess adhesive from around the nozzle. CAUTION: use a microfiber cloth or sponge. Any product with cotton (paper towel, q tip, cotton swab) will have an exothermic chemical reaction with the cyanoacrylate ingredient in the adhesive. Even the littlest amount of residue can cause problems.
  3. Store upright in an air tight container.

Empty dropper bottles can be purchased here: https://lashtavern.com/product/empty-dropper-bottle/