The Battle of Summer vs Adhesive

During the hot summer months you will likely experience a change in your adhesive. This change is due to the conditions of your environment however with the proper knowledge you can be prepared for those changes and make sure they affect your business as little as possible. Here we will cover the factors that summer conditions will play with your adhesive:

Your adhesive in transit

We do everything we can to get your order to you as quickly as possible. Domestic orders typically arrive in 1-3 days via USPS Priority mail. During this transit time there is a chance during the summer months your package may encounter some extreme weather. This does not always guarantee there will be adhesive problems but it does leave the possibility. The majority of adhesives will not typically have problems but with the added risk we offer a cold packing option. Details for that service are included below.

Your work environment

We all know how important of a role humidity plays in the work-ability and reliability of eyelash extension adhesives. During the heat of the summer months you may notice a change in how your adhesive works for you. The general rule of eyelash extension adhesive:

  • The higher your humidity, the faster your adhesive will grab/cure
  • The lower your humidity, the slower your adhesive will grab/cure

As temperature increases, the amount of moisture in the atmosphere required to reach saturation increases. Essentially this means that in the same environment, with the same water particles (moisture) in the air, the added temperature of summer will actually decrease your relative humidity.

What does this mean for your adhesive? This means that even though your humidity may feel the same, your adhesive will react to this decrease in relative humidity and work slower then you are used to. Alternatively, if your location tends to become more humid in summer months, your adhesive will cure faster than you are accustomed to.

This change doesn’t meant your adhesive is damaged, or anything about it’s composition has changed but it does mean that you will want to make adjustments to your environment or the adhesive you choose to use during the summer months.

Client Care

The struggle is real. Every tech will have that handful of clients that just do not follow their care instructions. With the added heat, pores will be opening and sweat and oils will be in full swing. Add to that the sunscreen and extra applications of makeup, this is the perfect time for re-education.

Your Solutions

Adhesive Cold Packing

With the adhesive cold packing option we will pack your adhesive in an insulated foil envelope with a frozen ice pack and include signature delivery. This will help limit the exposure of your new adhesive to extreme conditions. This option is available on the checkout page (just below your address) and you simply need to check the ‘Adhesive Cold Packing’ option. There is a flat cost of $8 for cold packing, no matter the number of adhesives you are purchasing.

Complete Adhesive Cold Packing details can be found here: https://lashtavern.com/cold-pack/

Monitor and React

Using a reliable hygrometer is important year round, and especially in the summer months. This allows you to react to your environment prior to your application, saving critical time and headache.

Signs you should increase your humidity (or use a faster adhesive):

  • Your relative-humidity level has dropped below your normal working conditions (due to a decrease in humidity or an increase in temperature)
  • Your adhesive requires extra holding time when placing the extension or extensions are toppling over after you’ve placed them

Signs you should decrease your humidity (or use a slower adhesive):

  • Your relative-humidity level has increased above your normal working conditions (due to an increase in humidity or a decrease in temperature)
  • Your adhesive is starting to ‘grab’ before you finish placing the lash (typically resulting in extensions ‘popping off’)

Cleansing with a proper lash cleanser to rid your client of excess oils and even using a sealant for those special clients can be very beneficial.