Adhesive Care

All of our adhesives should be kept out of the reach of children and are to be used only by licensed and certified lash technicians.

Our adhesives are best used at a humidity range of 45%-55%.

They are best stored upright and in a cool, dry, and airtight container.

Storing with silica packets will help the longevity of the adhesive.

Do NOT refrigerate after opening.

Before each use, it is imperative to shake the adhesive horizontally for a FULL 30 seconds. – This will ensure there is no separation of ingredients and will help your adhesive to have optimal results.

After using the adhesive, be sure to “burp” your adhesive bottle to remove any air and recap immediately.

Extremes in heat or humidity may alter the contents of our adhesives. We do not offer a guarantee on the shelf life of any of our adhesives. We recommend replacing every 2-3 months or whenever you notice a significant change in the consistency or workability of the adhesive, as well as it’s retention. We recommend replacing the glue more often if you live in an area with extremes in temperature or humidity. MSDS sheets are available upon request.