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Important Things to Know

Sale begins 11/23 at 12:00am (MST) and ends at 11:59pm Mountain Standard Time 122/26 (MST). Purchases prior to, or after this time are not eligible for credit or adjustments based on Black Friday pricing as quantities are limited for sale event only.

Sale prices are limited per product. Once depleted, products will be available at regular prices. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed.

FREE Shipping on all US orders over $100. All other discounts and promotions including redeeming of LT points are not valid during the event. Certain functions of the website (My Account Page, Coupon Codes and other features) will not be available during the event to help aid in optimal functionality of the website).

Black Friday orders ship by Thursday 11/29. If any item is over sold during the event will be refunded in full. No items will be available for back order. Due to the high volume of simultaneous orders, inventory availability is not guaranteed.